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 Personal Services

Color Analysis


Do people treat you differently when you wear certain colors? That is not just your imagination. It has been proven scientifically that color produces different responses. Messages the wrong colors convey can hinder your success in life, while the correct colors can produce a great first impression from other people that lasts.


We will identify your optimal colors which will help you look thinner, younger and more powerful. This includes determining your natural coloring with skin tone, hair and eyes. We have over 13 years experience and color anaylized over 60 imdividuals.

Your personalized color information is included.


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Figure and Style Analysis


Are you confused with the best style for your shape? Do people compliment you when you wear certain silhouettes of clothing? This analysis will provide you with information on your figure type and how to make the most of your personal assets while minimizing perceived opportunity areas.


We will establish the correct fit, silhouette, fabrics, patterns, textures and accessories for your style and body type.

We will also include a discussion regarding how undergarments can make or break an outfit.


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Wardrobe Planning


Does most of your closet sit unused? Do items still have tags on them months after purchase? An organized wardrobe equals precious time saved in the morning (or anytime you are getting dressed). You always leave the house with a put together look that makes people wonder how many hours you spent achieving perfection.

We will establish the sixteen essentials everyone needs in their closet. Extensive information will be imparted on how to mix and match these basics to achieve many different exclusive looks. We will plan and coordinate your seasonal clothing. We will teach you how to use all of the trendy accessories to finish off your look. We will plan a wardrobe to meet your professional and casual lifestyle. We will suggest accessories to finish your look.




Closet Auditing

We determine which clothing in your closet is right for your body shape, lifestyle and professional. We determine which items are the right colors and style for you. We determine what items should stay and which ones should be donated. We will determine which clothing items are outdated or tired and should be replaced.




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Personal Shopping


Does the thought of clothes shopping make you exuberant or do you feel depressed? Do you have enough quality time necessary to find the perfect items needed for your matchless image? No matter what the answers are, we can provide you with the best wardrobe within the guidelines of your profile and budget.


If you have a busy lifestyle and would rather not be inconvenienced, we will provide ongoing services where you do not even have to enter a store.


We will do personal shopping tailored to your specific needs for gifts, events, holidays, interviews or client meetings, special appearances and any other special occasion.


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Special Occasion Fashion Styling


Do you have a photo shoot, family get together, wedding, photography, anniversary, television appearance, political event, corporate party or team building event or vacation? We  will work with you to determine an unrivaled, incomparable appearance that will catapult you to success.


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Face Shape, hairstyle, makeup and eyewear consultation


Are you unsure about what hairstyle and eyewear go with your facial shape? Have people stopped giving you compliments on your hair and makeup and you do not know why? Is your eyewear outdated? We will determine the correct color, shape and style suited for you and refer you to our team of professionals, consulting for you every step of the way.

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Pick Great Fabrics for Your Spring Wear

Go with the great crisp fabrics for spring. Always a hit is cotton, comfortable, breathable and look for the cottons that run hard and long are the no-iron. These crisp shirts and blouses will last the day and still look great whether you are in the conference/board room all day or running up and down from the desk. Silk is a great for fit and comfort, but always remember most of them require more maintenance and cost for cleaning. For spring and into summer season pick light weight wools and rayon and wool blends. Steer clear of linens – although they lend to comfort, they are the hardest to keep wrinkle free and don’t have that crisp clean and professional look.