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 Corporate Services

Do you want to acquire and retain top talent? Do you want to increase your sales and revenue through your sales representatives? Do you want your brand to be cutting edge and highly sought after? We believe that companies who invest in their employees’ image attain all of the above.


It’s been proven that portraying a professional image in the business world has the benefits of added employee self confidence and higher morale which leads to higher levels of productivity.

Matchless Image LLC partners with your company to provide value added professional image development training seminars developed for your organizations needs including:


Visual Presentation

Image Standards

The Importance of Color – use of color for positive outcomes

Arriving in Style – travel tips on packing and the items to pack for maximum wardrobe effectiveness

Creating Tools for Professional Wardrobe Management

Professional Presence and Business Etiquette

International Image and Etiquette

Leadership Image Development

Interviewing Strategies, Guidelines and Training

Corporate Casual Day Guideline Development- how to be powerful & effective in a casual environment

Development of Dress Code Policies and Guidelines - aligned with your company mission and vision

Analysis of Your Industry Best Practice Dress Code Requirements

Addressing awkward corrections – appropriate dress at work


Our partnership begins with the discussion of your company goals and the corporate image and brand you desire to project to the world. We then establish objectives to help you capitalize on the benefits of your corporate image and brand. Next, we will provide you with the tools and training.


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 Higher Education Programs


Do your students always look their best? Do they portray an image equivalent to their future profession? Are your students ready for the interviewing process in the professional world?


If any of the answers to these questions are no, we provide the tools and guidance they need to be successful and appealing to future employers. Your graduating students will possess a visible advantage. Our services prepare students for interviewing, internships, and their first and subsequent positions.


We also assist them with business etiquette, dressing effectively in a casual environment and how to dress appropriately for casual Friday.


We are happy to create a custom class, workshop or curriculum based on ideas, issues or concerns you have. We will work with you to insure all information is presented in a clear, concise, easy to understand way that is attention getting and provides the value you are expecting. We will address unprofessional  and inappropriate dress and etiqutte. We will address what is a professional profile and image for online media.


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 Conferences and Group Events

Are you looking for the perfect activity for your next big organizational or group event?


We provide fun, relevant image and fashion consultations that will make your members and guests listen, laugh and learn. They will learn tips and techniques that will empower them.

We provide a full range of image-related topics of interest. Programs are tailored to include topics such as fashion styling, efficiency in clothing selection, color usage, accessorizing, proper interviewing attire, special event dressing and the 12 basics everyone should have.

We will also plan, coordinate models and retailers, coordinate hair and make up stylists, and execute fashion shows.


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Pick Great Fabrics for Your Spring Wear

Go with the great crisp fabrics for spring. Always a hit is cotton, comfortable, breathable and look for the cottons that run hard and long are the no-iron. These crisp shirts and blouses will last the day and still look great whether you are in the conference/board room all day or running up and down from the desk. Silk is a great for fit and comfort, but always remember most of them require more maintenance and cost for cleaning. For spring and into summer season pick light weight wools and rayon and wool blends. Steer clear of linens – although they lend to comfort, they are the hardest to keep wrinkle free and don’t have that crisp clean and professional look.