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Jan 4

Written by: kkoch
1/4/2011 5:26 PM


Most every man and woman have a combination of body shapes and find that the clothing in the retail stores do not fit every shape properly.

Buy your clothing up a size to fit the largest part of your body. Then take your garments to the tailor for altering for the best fit.

Wear the correct undergarments including the same bra (ladies) you will be wearing with the garment, when you are fitted.




Also wear the most appropriate heel height you will be wearing with a dress, skirt or pants. You need to get your pants tailored to wear with flats or high heels. You can’t do both.                    



This goes for men as well, if you are having dress pants tailored bring the appropriate dress shoe.


Here are some examples of tailoring that can be done:

· Add darts to a jacket or shirt for shape

· Take out shoulder pads

· Repair or replace lining

· Shorten the sleeves

· Take a jacket or suit coat in to fit closer to your body

· Narrow the arms

·  Lengthen the arm sleeves

· Add lining to pants or skirt

· Nip in a waistband that is too big

· Get rid of a baggy bottom

·  Lengthen or shorten a hem ( skirt, dress or pant)

· Fix a too long rise (most complicated)

· Update or repair a vintage coat or dress.



We provide our clients with referrals to stellar tailors. We will accompany you, if desired, to your fittings to make sure everything is done properly so you love the final product.


You will not regret this tip, especially with your garments that you make a larger investment in. Also the garments that are a classic  or favorite in your wardrobe.


Even vintage wedding dresses many times can be altered and repaired to fit.






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