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Nov 4

Written by: kkoch
11/4/2010 9:39 PM


Here are some bright colors to include in your wardrobe this fall to bring in some fun and keep it exciting.

These colors include: Bright salmon, warm fuchsia, grass green, and golden rod yellow.

They are not boring or dull, but create a warm and colorful addition to the neutrals.  When new colors are suggested as the trend for the season or year, don’t reinvent the wardrobe plan, just make a few additions.

A lot of thought goes into color trends. Many times it is the consumer that will guide the trends for style and color. Market research is analyzed and surveys are done online and in person on  the streets to determine these trends. 

There are many colors or hues that can be considered the classics, basics, and neutrals.

Autumn is a great time to spice it up, as the beautiful colors outside begin to fade, it’s a good time to brighten what we wear with excellent color.

If you are not the daring type to experiment with mixing color, hire the professional stylist who has an eye for style and colors best for you this fall.

Have fun with this trend.



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