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Oct 10

Written by: kkoch
10/10/2010 7:38 PM

Yellow gold is a true favorite of many. Whether you are a fan of 14K, 18K or more it is always a classic.

Gold has been used to adorn the body since the beginning of recorded time.

The easiest way to get that “Wow factor” this autumn season is to introduce yellow gold into your jewelry accessories. Add flirty gold and textured layer pieces of gold.

Oversized gold pieces in hoop earrings or wide bangle bands added to match the gold button details are a great choice.

Gold jewelry as a gift is a romance statement that tells her she is special.

Yellow gold is on the catwalk this season casting a golden glow of color to enhance the skin and compliment your best wardrobe.

Although the price of gold has escalated, there are still many deals to be had.

Yellow gold is a precious metal formed by goldsmiths and artisans for generations.  Gold is very malleable, it can be melted and reformed into various uses.

Choose jewelry pieces with more substantial size to them, as to showcase them.

Tip from a Jeweler: Buy the investment jewelry piece  first, then match the outfit. Usually the jewelry has more monetary value.

Tip from your Fashion Consultant: Every jeweler has estate, vintage or antique jewelry ask them what they know about the pieces and if they will give you  a break on price. Many times they are willing to move this merchandise.





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