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Jun 4

Written by: kkoch
6/4/2010 10:33 AM






Prints have been used in fashion from the beginning of time. Floral designs, geometric shapes and animal prints help the plain come to life. Floral designs come in sizes anywhere from very tiny printed flowers to bold artistic designs. They come in soft muted shades to bright bold colors.

Fabric that has a printed pattern on it is formed from printing inks and dyes and also woven colors into the warp or weft.  Natural fabrics like cotton, cotton blends, silks and wools take the dyes best to obtain the best design results.

Many designs come from nature such as animal prints, botanical, floral prints and watercolor patterns.  Other designs can be more architectural with geometric patterns, lines and shapes.  Prints and pattern designs can break up the monotony of one color and add style interest.

When dressing professionally keep the prints understated.  On the other hand, when you are dressing for fun or for evening you, can play up the prints and go bolder.

In spring and summer we like to suggest more prints in larger sizes and playful colors. Prints can help enhance your personal style. Get creative and experiment.





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