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May 19

Written by: kkoch
5/19/2010 1:36 PM



Dress Code if Good for All

There have been recent changes to some schools’ dress codes. They are mandating modest dress and better clothing options for teens.


Teens and youth need to have set guidelines for them because they don’t know what is appropriate, or are wrongly influenced by the media. 


Even though when warm weather hits, our youth have a desire to keep cool and break from the winter wardrobe, it is important to dress appropriately in all situations. 


Whether the young person is attending school, packing for a vacation, or going to a dance or special event, the following are some guidelines for parents and youth which reinforce the idea of respecting themselves and others.


Girls: shirts: No low cut necklines or halter tops without modest camisoles or proper undergarments. If the top is sleeveless the straps should be more than 1” wide and no bras or bra straps showing.


When raising arms, your stomach should not show.  Belly shirts are not acceptable.


Skirts: should not be shorter the 1” above the knee. If they are shorter, they should be worn with leggings. Skirts should always be properly lined and be worn with a slip at the correct length.


Guys: should not wear ripped muscle or undershirts. Pants should fit at the waist and not droop. No underwear should be hanging out or exposed from their pants.


Girls & Guys:

Only long shorts, such as Bermuda, are appropriate that are at or a few inches above the knee. Shorts should not be too tight.


This is appropriate attire for teens to prepare them for the professional and work world which will take them far.


Remember, you can look great and still be appropriate.


If you would like help with designing a specific dress code for your organization, business or school feel free to contact us.




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