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May 6

Written by: kkoch
5/6/2010 1:09 PM


Hair for a wedding or special event is important. The best suggestion is a trial run with your stylist including any hair ornaments or veils far in advance.

Even if it’s an event like an appearance for television or other media photos.

For special events like proms and weddings an up do denotes a more formal look. Drama can be made with a sleek up do look. Romantic style is achieved with soft sweeping curls.

If your hair is short, still consider a professional to style you on any special day. A professional can get it right and it’s one last thing for you to fuse with preparing for last minute details.

Make sure that you don’t have a new stylist (that has not done your hair) do your hairstyle on the day of the event. When you schedule your trial run, take a camera to take a photo of style. You can’t expect your stylist to remember every detail about the style you want, your dress, or hair piece.

Give the stylist some photos of styles you like.

The hairstyle for that special day is important and will be captured in photos forever.

Your personal image consultant can recommend a good hair stylist for your special hair.



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Pick Great Fabrics for Your Spring Wear

Go with the great crisp fabrics for spring. Always a hit is cotton, comfortable, breathable and look for the cottons that run hard and long are the no-iron. These crisp shirts and blouses will last the day and still look great whether you are in the conference/board room all day or running up and down from the desk. Silk is a great for fit and comfort, but always remember most of them require more maintenance and cost for cleaning. For spring and into summer season pick light weight wools and rayon and wool blends. Steer clear of linens – although they lend to comfort, they are the hardest to keep wrinkle free and don’t have that crisp clean and professional look.