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 Client Testimonials

Kim assisted me with my closet in order to flush the old and outdated and keep that which is still great for me.

I am a traveling CEO presenting internationally. I need a professional look and be able to travel with ease, comfort, and still have a great look. I also went shopping with Kim and she got me set with a great wardrobe to fill what I was lacking. I am set to go with little effort. I am looking great and can feel confident. Jackie - CEO


Our Midsized CPA and Accounting firm needed to have a few professional points of a business ethics enforced. Kim came in and presented in a professional manner. Usually this is best handled by someone with expertise to convey to all. Kim did an outstanding job for us. Thanks, Carol H. - VP, MBA, CPA - Pewaukee


"I looked very hard to find an expert to assist me with color. I felt I needed help in this area. My style sense was good, but when it came to color I felt I was lost. I found Kim and hired her immediately. She explained which colors were great for my skin, hair, and eyes. This also matched my personality - outgoing." Forever Thanks, Sara - HR Professional


"After my body overhaul, I needed help with my wardrobe overhaul. I sat down with Kim and found she was the right consultant to meet my needs. We identified my needs and options and went shopping. I had a budget in mind and we got the basics needed to fit my personality, style, figure, and professional needs. I was very impressed with her special attention and the outcome of our shopping strategy. I am set to go, for every occasion." Tara - Marketing Professional - Hospitality


"I recently had Kim in to speak to women business professionals about their dress, image and online presence. Her presentation was very beneficial for their image, boosting confidence and ultimately assist them to getting the job". I would jump at the chance to bring her in again." Coordinating Event Specialist  - United Way


"I hired Kim to assist me with my image for a television commercial in the local area. She was great in everyway."

Christina - Business Owner


"I personally hired Kim to indentify my style both casual and professional/formal. I had some changes occur and wanted to improve on my image and style. She helped to look at the closet, identify the dos and don'ts and we went shopping. It was a pleasure to work with Kim "- David W. - CEO Software Development Company - Madison


"I recently arrived in Wisconsin for a new professional position and I was in need of assistance to improve my image for this new opportunity. I emailed and called Kim and she was able to meet with me on short notice during a busy time of the year. She shopped with me, taking account my budget and clothing needs in mind. She was able to achieve all my needs. I am excited to start my new job and relocate to Wisconsin. I would highly recommend Kim."- Anna B. General Manager


"Kim Provided Great Services - No one around does the Color Analysis I needed for my wardrobe choices, I would recommend her to all. Her follow up was excellent and she provided me with the right Winter Pallette for my shopping needs." - Kathryn - Adminstrative Specialist


"I hired Kim to give me a detailed color analysis. She did a great job and she has a great fashion flair. She got a great color book for direction of my wardrobe and color choices. I would hire her in a second." - Adam F. - Sr. Logistics - Major Retailer - Wisconsin


"Kim did a presentation for our lunchtime fashion show to highlight and confirm our company dress guidelines for each season. It's great to have a professional address certain concerns and enforce our dress code. Our feedback from our associates was great. Kim is a great choice for her expertise." - Angela - HR Director



"I had such a great time shopping with the two of you. I don't know how you did it, but you made is so stressless! I now have outfits that have style. Thanks a million" Trish



"Wow.............that was so awesome. My husband instantly said "you look nice" and I got a lot of compliments...... from the jacket to the shoes........It was perfect for the occassion and the weather. I just loved it, the colors were right on.Thank you so much I am so happy that I found Kim. honestly I have been looking for a service like this for a very long time and have finally found it. I will call later to set up that color analysis for May.Thanks again! You ROCK!"  Cathy



"We recently had "Matchless Image LLC talked to our WATFA group on Sept. 11, 2009, about "DRESS FOR SUCCESS"  for the women and men of "Thrivent Financial for Lutherans of Wisconsin.   Kim did a FANTASTIC presentation from informing us men to wear polished shoes and a "nice" watch.   For the women to dress similar to the men in colors, such has the navy blue, gray/charcoal and nice polished shoes too.   The Q & A part was great it gave our participants the opportunities to ask questions on perfume, to cuff links, ties, hosery or no hosery."  I would recommend them to your orginization too because as Matchless Image says "YOU HAVE SEVEN SECONDS TO MAKE YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION"  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim Vogel  - President of WATFA   Wisconsin Association of Thrivent Financial Associates



"Kimberly assisted with clearing the old me out of my closet and helping me establish a better concept of who I am becoming at this stage in my life. She has a great eye for color, texture and style. Above all else she was patient, while listening to my thoughts but then would explain why they were good or less then smart. Thanks for your advice and your eye for fashion." Recovery Specialist



"Kim, I was very pleased with our shopping session yesterday.  I already gave away the card you gave me to someone else who was interested.  You should send me a few more cards – I’d be happy to give you referrals!" Jodi - Manager Customer Service Department


"Kim helped me go from a very average style to pump it up to an executive professional look. She was able to help me indentify what was best for me, yet not lose my individual style. She helped me create looks for professional, casual everyday and special events. Kim also helped me with accessories to mix an match. Thanks for your help and artistic eye."  Margaret


 Rick Stephenson (Contemporary Christian Song Writer/Singer, Director of Music & Accountant)

"Sanctuary Of My Heart" Releasing To Christian Radio!


"Kim was fantastic to work with.  She really knows how to communicate style!  I was in need of some image consulting for an upcoming music CD photo shoot and found Kim to be just what I needed.  I also found that the information I received went well beyond my needs for the photo shoot and will be advantageous for every area of my life from performing to business to simply expressing myself and my personality.  Thanks Kim!"


Marilyn C. (Broadway Actress)


"I hired Kim to have my color analysis done for my professional career photos, wardrobe, and my image while preforming in the Milwaukee area. Kim was very professional and I could tell she was an expert at color. I was very please with my experience with Kim.  She sent me my color book, color brochure, and called me to follow up."



Julie - QA Manager


"My husband purchased a gift certificate from Kim at Matchless Image, LLC. I was very excited, as I am challenged in the area of style, current dress and which colors are good for me. Kim came to my home, audited my closet, performed a specific color analysis and determined my colors. At a later time Kim and I went on a shopping trip. Kim put together a complete plan of attack for essentials, sizes, and some mix and match separates. I was very excited to purchase a wardrobe that is perfect for me for my travel, office and on the factory floor needs. My husband was very pleased with the outcome"


Mary Mekelburg - Marketing Professional


“Kimberly delivered a presentation to our Crossroads Career Network group at Gateway Community Church in Mayville. Kimberly spoke with passion and conviction from depth of experience. Kimberly's message resonated with the group and I have observed changed lives. An executive attendee re-evaluated his resume, experience and goals. As a result he is now pursuing further certification. Thank you Kimberly!”


 Bob's Before & After














Bob's Transformation



Bob's testimony:


My business associates, family and friends let me know I needed help. I thought I was OK, but people around me told me I was too scruffy and looked like a lumberjack. I didn’t know how horrible my flannel shirt and jeans looked until I saw the photos. I was told I may have even lost clients, or not gained new ones as a result of my rough look.


A business associate of mine directed me to call Matchless Image LLC, who pointed out how important first impressions are. I met with Kim who gave me a lot of help to clean up my look and create a professional image for me. They made the updating and cleanup process simple (after an initial struggle). 


I would highly recommend Matchless Image again and tell my friends, family and business associates to use them.
Judge the final results for yourself. This is truly a worthwhile investment with a huge ROI, both professionally and personally.


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