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 Company Information

My mission statement is: We provide image consulting and fashion styling services to assist people in reaching their greatest potential.


My values include:
Integrity: We am committed to the highest standards of integrity in everything we do and say.

Customer commitment: We develop and cultivate relationships and provide services which enhance our customers’ lives.

Quality: We provide matchless service that exceeds our customer's expectations. we strive to continually improve the quality of everything we do and provide.


Using these as the foundation of our relationships and services to our clients, we provide matchless service to enhance the opportunity for greater levels of success and happiness in each person's life.


Quote: On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock. Thomas Jefferson





Kimberly Koch


Kim Koch started her love for fashion at a young age drawing, painting and designing. She learned and applied the techniques of style and color in art classes, winning many awards and scholarships. Kim attended the University of Wisconsin Green Bay for two summer art courses two years consecutively. One course was for drawing and one course for painting. Kim comes from a family with gifts in architectural, building, and mechanical design background. Kim also studied mechanical design and applied this later in her career as a professional and technical recruiter hiring for many companies in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Kim entered the workforce with a minimal budget available for her own wardrobe and has applied this to her business to help clients with wardrobe building techniques regardless of budget. 


Kim has a variety of clients both men and women from all different walks of life. Kim has a passion to help people succeed in every area of life where a stellar image is essential. Kim is certified in color analysis, advanced color analysis, facial design, body style and cosmetic application, and makeup for photography. She also has completed the intermediate professional men’s and women’s image, fabric compatibility with clothing personalities and accessory tune up. Kim has also designed, made patterns and sewn garments for her and clients. Kim combines her love for fashion, art, sewing and serving customers with her business. Kim keeps current with fashion and techniques and has just completed an image class in wardrobe planning.


Kim is a member of the AICI, Association Image Consultants International, in the Chicago chapter. Kim has spoken in many diverse groups on the subjects of dress for success, drawing and painting, resume and interviewing workshops. These different venues included church and various associations’ women’s groups, universities and on cable television.  

Pick Great Fabrics for Your Spring Wear

Go with the great crisp fabrics for spring. Always a hit is cotton, comfortable, breathable and look for the cottons that run hard and long are the no-iron. These crisp shirts and blouses will last the day and still look great whether you are in the conference/board room all day or running up and down from the desk. Silk is a great for fit and comfort, but always remember most of them require more maintenance and cost for cleaning. For spring and into summer season pick light weight wools and rayon and wool blends. Steer clear of linens – although they lend to comfort, they are the hardest to keep wrinkle free and don’t have that crisp clean and professional look.