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 Welcome to Matchless Image LLC!


Image Consultant & Fashion Stylist




You have seven seconds to make your first impression.




What does your image convey? No matter what your economic situation, personal or professional position, the image you convey largely affects your success in many different areas of life. Our culture and world is visually oriented so first impressions are key to future relationships, promotions, and growth.


We provide services to individuals, corporations, organizations, universities, higher education and groups that assist you in achieving success in these areas. Our services include: Seasonal Color Analysis, Fashion Shows, Personal Style Analysis, Body Analysis, Wardrobe Planning and auditing, and Personal Shopping. We provide services for styling for commercials, special events, photography and other special appearances. We also assist companies with dress codes, professional dress attrire, interview dress, your online image, casual business , and casual Friday dress workshops. We also assist people for film, photos, and video production wardrobe styling. We service all of Wisconsin including the Waukesha, Washington, Walworth, Madison, Dane, Ozaukee, and the greater Milwaukee areas.


 If you have a need for an image consultant or fashion stylist for your personal or professional needs, we would be glad to assist you. Look for our Matchless Style newsletter.



" Kim color analyized me and I was amazed when I found that I was wearing lots of colors not right for me. She spent a lot of time with me, and she was very professional. I found out that I am a clear Autumn. I was able to order my personalized color book and Kim put together an essential wardrobe list with my correct colors for my basics. I highly recommend her for wardrobe and make up color analysis. She knows her stuff."

Jessica F. - Director of Marketing










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In light of a few business individuals, acquaintances, real estate professionals, and lawyers, town officials, town employees, and even family members acting badly I have decided to write a piece and draft a presentation called “Business Integrity”.  There is definitely a place and time for doing the right thing and this time is it.  I was reminded by a very honest business man (my brother – John) in his own business for 39 years; He stated he would rather do the right thing. Even if the right thing will cost him time and money, honesty is the best policy.


Integrity, honesty, and principal values of a good nature and law abiding will always win in the end. We are living in times where much of this is being lost.  Never lose your good name and reputation, once it is lost it is very hard to regain.


Although I am not an attorney I have been through numerous training programs  in the interviewing, employment, fair housing, and business ethics to understand and address this in speaking venues. Keep in mind it’s not money that corrupts people, it’s “The Love of Money”. In business you will always be rewarded in the end for doing the right thing.


Always keep it clean, free from foul language, no nudity, free from dishonest dealing, free from self interests when working with clients and upholding your fiduciary responsibilities, no insider trading, follow the law, don’t lie, and follow the golden rule – these are just a few. 



Pick Great Fabrics for Your Spring Wear

Go with the great crisp fabrics for spring. Always a hit is cotton, comfortable, breathable and look for the cottons that run hard and long are the no-iron. These crisp shirts and blouses will last the day and still look great whether you are in the conference/board room all day or running up and down from the desk. Silk is a great for fit and comfort, but always remember most of them require more maintenance and cost for cleaning. For spring and into summer season pick light weight wools and rayon and wool blends. Steer clear of linens – although they lend to comfort, they are the hardest to keep wrinkle free and don’t have that crisp clean and professional look.